Thursday, October 1, 2009

34 You've Just Been Jo Bro'd! <3

Chelsea Staub, who plays Stella Malone on JONAS, got pranked by the JoBros :)
JB are known for playing jokes on people. so look what happens when they prank Chelsea :)

:D Nick's smile at 0:58-1:00 in part 2 is amazing =]

everyone's saying it would be cool if they made like a series.
you gotta love their expressions.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

33 JB Camp Rock 2 Set

i haven't updated in a month.
okay, finals are in like 1 week.
but i decided to update again.

Jonas Brother Connect 3 Camp Rock 2 Set

Jonas Brother Connect 3 Camp Rock 2 Set
that's the Connect Three Tour Bus
on CR2.
camp rock 2 looks much better than the first. and everyone is saying
it's much more intense and better.
i hope it doesn't disappoint, but then again, i never get disappointed.
hahahaha..anyway. apparently, this is a part where the bus tire becomes flat.
and they're late for final jam or something. i'm not entirely sure.
but the CR 2 plot looks kinda good :)

The expected name for the sequel is not yet determined due to a legal dispute on the movie, so it will either be called Coinflip or Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.

The story begins when Lovato and the Jonas brothers, Nick, Joe and Kevin, all return to Camp Rock only to find that some of the instructors and students have ditched Camp Rock for the rival camp across the lake, Camp Star. Newcomer Matthew 'Mdot' Finley plays the dominant hotshot singer at Camp Star who challenges Camp Rock to a musical showdown.

But there is also another twist in the movie. Taking on a similar plot from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Nate (Nick) falls for Dana (newcomer Chloe Bridges, an accomplished 17-year-old classical pianist), who is the daughter of Camp Star’s owner.

hmm..coinflip. :)
nah, i'm gonna enjoy it whatever the name, whatever the plot.
i hope you do too!

Monday, August 10, 2009

32 TCA

hello everybody.
TCA's happened
and it'll be shown on tv.
i don't think it's showing in malaysia cause i've checked everywhere.
but it's showing at 10-11pm on FOX in america. august 10.

here is one video of joe getting his hair cut on stage during TCA.
it was one of the dares they chose from the Dare The Jonas Brothers.

so SCA-RY. i almost started crying.
and all the girls in the video :P

and this is kevin's dare.
he got a tattoo.
it's real. it's wolverine.
i'm still hoping that it's actually NOT real. and that joe's hair was a WIG.
because everyone says he has a bald spot from where mike tyson cut his hair.
but i need pictures first.

nick's dare was to hug kim kardashian, if i'm not mistaken.
anyway, it's late and i have to go.
hope you enjoyed the post.

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